FLIR 550, Agema 550 Camera

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FLIR 550, Agema 550 Thermal Camera RentalFLIR Camera RentalProduct DetailFLIR 550, Agema 550 Thermal Camera Prices Rent a FLIR 550, Agema 550 Camera

FLIR 550, Agema 550

FLIR 550, Agema 550

FLIR 550, Agema 550

The FLIR ThermaCam PM 550, FLIR 550, thermal infrared cameras are FLIR short wave, handheld, Focal Plane Array cameras that are capable of temperature measurement. These cameras are best suited for Preventive Maintenance, Research and Development, and Medical Applications. These Cameras store images on a PCMCIA Card, and the images can be analyzed using one of several available FLIR software packages (FLIR Reporter 2000 Software, Researcher 2000...).These units are used FLIR infrared cameras.

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Product Specifications

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  System Typebuy thermal imaging camera

buy thermal cameraFocal Plane Array

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Detector Material

Platinum Silicide

  Measurement Accuracy

2% or 2 Degrees C

Measurement Range

-20 to 1500 C

  With Filter

-20 to 1500 C

Field View

20 X 15 Degrees


Stirling Cycle

Spatial Resolution

Lens Dependent

  Thermal Sensitivity

<0.10 at 30 Degrees C

Detector Refresh Rate

30 Hz

  Dynamic Range

12 Bit

Emmissivity Adjustment



Multiple Color and B&W

Display Type

Eye Piece or LCD

  Image Storage Capacity

700 images / Card

Storage Medium


  Operating Temperature

-15 C to 50 C

Camera Weight

5 Lbs.

  Camera Size

8.7 X 5.2 X 5.5 Inches

Focus Distance

18 Inches to Infinity

  Video Output

60 Hz NTSC

Power Supply

Battery or A/C

  Voice Annotation


Available Accessories

FLIR Lenses, PCMCIA Cards, FLIR Software, FLIR Batteries…


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