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American Infrared Rents infrared cameras and leases infrared cameras.  Call us to initiate a thermal 

camera Rental or a Thermal camera lease.  Typically, a two week infrared camera rental is required.

Lease periods run from one to five years.  

The Following Products are available for Lease and Rental (Depending on availability)


FLIR 570 Lease
FLIR 575 Lease
FLIR 595 Lease
FLIR 675 Lease
FLIR 695 Lease
FLIR 320 MT Lease
FLIR SC500 Lease
FLIR ThermaSnap Lease
Mikron 7102 Lease
Mikron 7200 Lease
Mikron 7515 Lease
Mikron 5104 Lease
AGEMA 570 Lease
AGEMA 470 Lease
AGEMA 870 Lease
AGEMA 110 Lease
AGEMA 210 Lease
AGEMA 510 Lease
AGEMA 900 Lease 
AGEMA 1000 Lease
Avio Infrared Camera Lease
Compix Infrared Camera Lease
Thermal Wave Infrared Lease
Raytek Spot Radiometer Lease
Raytek TI-30 Thermal Camera Lease
Raytek Infrared Camera Lease
Raytek Thermal Camera Lease
FLIR P60 Lease
FLIR P40 Lease
FLIR P20 Lease
FLIR A20 Lease
FLIR S60 Lease
FLIR S40 Lease
FLIR PM 290 Lease
FLIR PM 390 Lease
FLIR SC1000 Lease
Inframetrics PM280 Lease
Inframetrics PM290 Lease
Inframetrics PM250 Lease
Inframetrics PM350 Lease
FLIR ThermaCAM Lease
FLIR Thermovision Lease
Inframetrics 740 Lease
Inframetrics 760 Lease
Inframetrics 600 Lease
Raytheon Palm IR 250 Lease
Raytheon Palm IR 225 Lease
Raytheon Palm IR 400D Pro Lease
Raytheon Palm PRO Lease
Raytheon Protect IR 4000B Lease
Raytheon Protect IR 4000M Lease
Raytheon X1 Mini Scope Lease
Raytheon Control IR 2000B Lease
Raytheon Control IR 300 Lease
Raytheon Silicon Bolometer Lease
Raytheon Explor IR Lease
Raytheon Radiance Lease
Indigo TVS 620 Lease
Land Infrared Camera Lease
Cincinnati Electronics Infrared Camera Lease
ISI Infrared Camera Lease
Hughes Infrared Camera Lease
Barnes Infrared Camera Lease
FLIR E2 Rental
FLIR E4 Rental
FLIR A40 Rental
FLIR Used Infrared Camera

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Used Cameras